3 Years of Deafie Blogger

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Wow… 3 years comes by real quick, it’s quite scary actually! It’s always a reminder to cherish each day as it comes. I started up this blog 3 years ago today, or as I call it… the day ‘Deafie Blogger’ was born!

Whilst writing this blog, I’m travelling on a train to see my boyfriend… gazing out of the window watching the world go by. It feels like one of those movie scenes where I’m reflecting on life, so I figured this blog would be a reflection of the past 3 years as Deafie Blogger.

Where it all started

People often ask me; ‘How was ‘Deafie Blogger’ born?’

I think for everyone, there comes a time in life where things change, hopefully for the better. Living life with a disability, there may be times where you feel like you’re facing barrier after barrier. Perhaps every little thing is so frustrating and difficult especially when you’re trying to be independent.  You may find yourself asking; ‘why me?’

I always feel that each and every one of us is unique. We all have our problems, but it’s the way life has dealt its cards… so we have to learn to live with it and if possible; embrace it.

This is how I felt 3 years ago. I kept facing obstacles in life and I wanted somewhere to vent my feelings and share my experiences. I was also looking for a deaf role model, but I couldn’t find one that talked openly about their experiences of being deaf, so I thought… what if I became that person?

My deaf boyfriend suggested writing a blog… and that’s where it all began.

What motivates me?

Like all bloggers, I started from nothing. Very little blog experience, no social media following but lots of ideas! Over time, all thanks to my wonderful readers… my following increased, my blogs were being shared and even today I’m surprised to have got this far.

It’s the lovely, inspiring comments and positive reactions I get from people reading my blogs, and more recently the social media content that I post that motivates me to keep on writing!

Some say they can relate to my blogs and that they use them to guide them through their own life experiences. Others have read them and come to realise they’re not alone living with an invisible disability; deafness. Also, that there are so many inspiring deaf individuals out there.

There are also some parents who have deaf children or teenagers who may have lost hope or are worried about their child’s future and since reading my blogs, some have realised that their child has potential, they just need the right support.

My role in the D/deaf community

I’m very fortunate to have had many amazing opportunities (my highlights you can see at the end of the blog). I like to say my main aim is to raise deaf awareness and inspire others with my motto…

‘Deaf people can achieve anything they dream of, given the right support. Don’t let deafness/hearing loss stand in the way of reaching your goals’

Anything from deaf awareness talks, to my subtitled cinema campaign, posting inspiring Instagram pictures – I hope that I am able to reach out to people.

I have many ideas for the future, but only time will tell!

To finish, here are my…

Top 5 Highlights as Deafie Blogger

  1. Doing a Charity Tandem Skydive and raising over £1000 for a local deaf charity
  2. Flying out to Texas for the Good Vibrations Music Festival (Deaf Accessible)
  3. Visiting Phonak HQ in Switzerland and having a tour of the factory to see how hearing aids are made
  4. Receiving the ‘Young Person’s Runner Up Award’ at the Royal Association for Deaf People’s 175th Birthday Honours Awards in 2016
  5. Talking live on Radio 5 (nationwide!) about my life as a deaf person and ‘The Silent Child’ Oscar success

What’s next to come?

I’d love to hear your comments, please share them below!

I’m also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Love E x

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