Phonak: ‘NASA Engineer: ‘We need more Deaf people in STEM”’

Johanna on the right, wearing black hearing aid with blue earmould and glasses, with a blue hoody is facing left staring at a computer which has an interpreter on. On the left is a man wearing a headset and microphone, with glasses, also looking in the same direction at a computer


One of the coolest blogs I’ve done to date… is interviewing Johanna Lucht, a deaf engineer who works at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in America!

I asked her about her experience getting a job at NASA, the things she does in her role and how she overcomes communication barriers. Read all about her exciting job here…

‘NASA Engineer: ‘We need more Deaf people in STEM”’

I guess it proves that deaf people can do absolutely anything! It would be interesting to see if there is a deaf astronaut one day… anyone up for that role?

Love E x


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