About Me

Hi there! Welcome to ‘Day in the life of a deafie’ blog.


I’m E, also known as Deafie Blogger. I’m a profoundly deaf blogger and deaf activist. I’m so passionate about deaf awareness and campaigning for deaf people and I like to think my motto is: ‘Deaf people can achieve anything they dream of, given the right support’.

I’m a ‘Phonak hEARo’ or in other words, a Brand Ambassador for Phonak’s Hearing Like Me Community Blog. I’ve been writing for Phonak since November 2015 and I love being a part of their team!

I have a bilateral sensorineural hearing loss and I’ve been deaf since birth. I wear Phonak Sky Q hearing aids and I communicate through speech and lip reading. I’m currently learning British Sign Language.

I am a Marketing Executive for a Health Club and Spa company. I’m also a pool Lifeguard and I work in Events and Promotions for a newspaper publishing company. Whenever I get a free moment, I write blogs! You can view my LinkedIn profile here

I have achieved many great things in my life, like being an Olympic Torchbearer for London 2012, visiting Parliament for Action on Hearing Loss, receiving a Highly Commended Award at the Royal Deaf Awards in 2016 and so much more.

This is a personal blog, which I started on 15th May 2015, as a place for me to express my thoughts, rants and experiences about deafness. I love to inspire and educate other people, sharing my life experiences, giving advice and spreading deaf awareness. I hope that people like me will understand that they’re not alone with the challenges of having a hearing loss.

Anything on this blog is my own opinion, and I’m sorry if I do offend anybody. We should all respect other people’s thoughts, as they should respect ours.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please visit the ‘Contact Me’ page. I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy reading my blogs, Love E x

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