#SubtitledCinema Campaign

My latest campaign is #SubtitledCinema – I am challenging the industry for an increase in open subtitled showings in cinemas across the UK.

Movie theatre black screen with red chairs in rows facing it. Text on screen says 'cinemas to show more subtitled films at reasonable times'

Update: #SubtitledCinema Campaign Update – Where to go next?

Currently, only 1-3% of films are subtitled in cinemas and are usually in unsociable hours when deaf people are at school/work. Due to this, deaf people have given up going, hence why cinemas say there’s ‘no demand’.

I’m hoping to work with the cinema industry, with the incredible support from Michelle Hedley, Deaf Girly and many others, to change this on behalf of 11 million people with hearing loss!

We want to increase the current provision, raise awareness and bring deaf people back to the cinema. We want to make it a fun, enjoyable, accessible experience for all.

More info: Action on Hearing Loss #SubtitledCinema Campaign

#SubtitledCinema Petitions

I created a petition for more open subtitled cinema showings, and so far it has reached over 11,000 signatures!

Please sign my petition!

Limping Chicken Editor; Charlie Swinbourne has set up a petition of his own. Please sign, the more we can prove there’s demand, the better!

There are campaigns overseas too, check out this one for ‘Movie Theatres – Open Captions (Subtitles) are for Everyone’

Watch: Deaf People’s Cinema Choice

Featuring: Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, Mr Luke Christian, Jazzy Whipps, Deaf Girly, Liam O’Dell, Michelle Hedley, Sarah Brennan, Jason Trotter

How you can get involved!

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Share your subtitled cinema experiences (good/bad) on social media using #SubtitledCinema and tag your cinema chain in. This will help to spread the word and hopefully will encourage your chain to take action.
  2. CONTACT CINEMAS: Get in touch with your cinema’s Manager and tell them how you feel about the lack of #SubtitledCinema showings and this will encourage them to do something about it!
  3. GET IN TOUCH WITH THE MEDIA: Share your cinema experiences with the media and how you’d like to see more subtitles – mention my campaign too, everything helps to raise awareness
  4. SPREAD THE WORD: Please share our petitions, blogs, social media posts and tell your family and friends!

#SubtitledCinema in the Media

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National Deaf Children’s Society and a mum and son discuss the lack of #SubtitledCinema showings for deaf children (no subtitles on the video unfortunately!)


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If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!