Presenting at the Independent Cinema Office’s Inclusion Screening Day

Three photos of my slides at my presentation at the Independent Cinema Office Inclusion Screening Day. Left '#SubtitledCinema Campaign' with photo of red cinema seats facing the big screen. Middle 'Subtitled Screenings' with two people facing a screen with subtitles on and me standing in the bottom right corner speaking in a microphone. Right is red background slide with three facts on and I am standing bottom right corner speaking into a microphone. Banner text says 'ICO Conference 2019'


There’s nothing like finishing a busy week than by speaking at an important conference! On Friday, Matchbox Cineclub invited me to deliver a presentation about my #SubtitledCinema Campaign at the Independent Cinema Office’s Inclusion Screening Day at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

Big screen photo with seats facing big screen and text saying #SubtitledCinema Campaign - Deafie Blogger

#SubtitledCinema Campaign Photo credit: Matchbox Cineclub

I leapt at the opportunity as I felt my campaign was coming to a standstill so it was the perfect time to gain some momentum, and to share my backstory and petition with film exhibitors and representatives from independent cinemas.

The session I was involved in was opened by Megan Mitchell [Producer, Matchbox Cineclub]. It focussed on subtitling and improving deaf audience access, exploring barriers that deaf people face and practical ways they can increase their current subtitle provision.

I presented first, followed by Sean Welsh [Programmer & Subtitler, Matchbox Cineclub] covering the technical side of subtitling and provided options to help cinemas see how they can subtitle more archive and short films. Next, we heard from Toki Allison [BFI FAN Access Officer, Film Hub Wales] who discussed subtitles in cinemas and the inclusion it brings for deaf audiences, finishing with a panel discussion between the four of us.

Big screen photo of two girls watching subtitles on a screen. Text says 'Subtitled Screenings'. I can standing at the bottom right giving my presentation.

Presenting at the ICO Conference 2019 Photo credit: Maria from Sheffield Doc/Fest

It was great to see the audience responding to the stats I gave and also from the honest truths I spoke about. I hope it changes their mindset and approach to accessibility for deaf people.

Red background screen with stats from my campaign. Bottom right is me presenting.

Presenting stats from my campaign Photo credit: Film Hub North

I finished my speech with the video I made featuring the views from influential deaf people about why they want to see an increase in subtitled showings.

Watch: ‘Deaf People’s Cinema Choice’

Photo of me on the screen which I am talking in a video about my campaign

Snapshot of the campaign video Photo credit: @MemphisMidnight

Overall, it was a great conference and I am thankful to Matchbox Cineclub for inviting me along. I received fantastic feedback, with some requesting if my campaign and blog was something they could share within their sites which is amazing.



I will continue to fight for the right to go to the cinema like our hearing peers, but I have to decide where to go next…

How you can support the campaign

E x

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