Phonak: ‘My experience volunteering at a Deaf school’

Close up photo of my hearing aid by a temple in Nepal

Hello lovely Readers!

This summer, I embarked on a two week group voluntary trip to Nepal where I spent some time in a deaf school doing activities with the children and renovating the staffroom. It was an incredible experience!

I wrote a blog about my time in Nepal, here’s a snippet…

‘There’s something about giving back to the community that sits close to my heart, especially when it relates to deafness. I’ve always been a charitable person, dedicating my spare time to helping others. But nothing has quite changed my outlook on life than my incredible trip to Nepal, volunteering in a deaf school.’

Read more on HearingLikeMe:

‘My experience volunteering at a Deaf school’

If you’re interested in a similar experience volunteering overseas, I highly recommend checking out UK organisation: Voluntears

Voluntears run trips overseas for D/deaf/hard of hearing/hearing people giving them a chance to experience another deaf culture, sign language and to give back to the community. They are very helpful from the planning stage to booking flights and running fantastic trips with lots of fun activities, and a great chance to make new friends! Richard, the trip leader – he’s awesome..!

#SubtitledCinema Petition

I’ve seen an increase of signatures on my petition which is fantastic! We need to get to 15,000 signatures. If you haven’t signed already, please do (link below). I’d really appreciate it if you could spread the word.

Cinemas to show more subtitled films at reasonable times!

Love E x

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