I write for Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ Blog (previously Openears Community Blog), occasionally I contribute to other pages too. I have written for NDCS Buzz in the past.


Here are all the blogs I’ve written:


21st July 2017

‘Short film ‘The Silent Child’ premieres in August to raise deaf awareness’

6th July 2017

‘4 things you’ll only understand if you use a Roger Pen’

3rd July 2017

‘Thanking the people in my hearing journey’

28th June 2017

‘Deaf is Cool! Fashion brand breaks down stigmas of hearing loss’

31st May 2017

‘Music lovers enjoy full accessibility at first “deaf-friendly” festival’

18th May 2017

‘What is it like to be deaf?’

5th May 2017

‘Good Vibrations Music Festival: Q&A with Emma Rudkin’

3rd May 2017

‘What happened when I went to my first audiology appointment alone’

25th April 2017

‘Jewelry line aims to inspire confidence for those with hearing loss’

17th April 2017

‘The noisy car breakdown that I couldn’t hear!’

30th March 2017

‘This is a big accessibility issue for deaf frequent fliers’

27th March 2017

‘3 ways my mom helped me succeed with hearing loss’

21st March 2017

‘A chat with sign language artist Wayne Barrow’

17th March 2017

‘How to learn sign language’

27th February 2017

‘Why I’m petitioning for more subtitled movies in cinemas’

23rd February 2017

‘3 Ways to Prepare for an Emergency as a Deaf Person’

16th February 2017

‘How People with Hearing Loss can get Disability Benefits’

1st February 2017

‘Deaf and Dating? 8 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship’

24th January 2017

‘Making sense of subtitles: Wrongly captioned Trump inauguration goes viral’

5th January 2017

’10 things no one tells you about being a deaf teen’

2nd January 2017

‘#DeafTalent: Q&A with Deaf filmmaker, Jules Dameron’


29th December 2016

‘8 Memes that Describe the Deafie Struggle’

22nd December 2016

‘Teen Life: My Deaf friends don’t like clubbing’

15th December 2016

‘What is it like to be a deaf teen?’

9th December 2016

‘This is how you should actually talk about deaf people in Pop Culture’

7th December 2016

‘Why cinemas should follow accessibility regulations’

30th November 2016

‘5 Tips for Passing a Driving Test with Hearing Loss’

28th October 2016

‘Don’t be Awkward Around People with Disabilities… H.I.D.E.!’

24th October 2016

‘Why I’m learning sign language, as an “oral” profoundly-deaf(ie)’

10th October 2016

’10 easy tips to explain hearing loss to children’

5th October 2016

‘5 ways to make websites more accessible for deaf people’

5th October 2016

‘Q&A with a Phonak Audiologist’

3rd October 2016

‘8 things not to say to someone with hearing loss’

26th September 2016

‘Deaf YouTuber begins campaign for better captions #NoMoreCraptions’

7th September 2016

‘Tips for going Back to School with Hearing Loss’

1st September 2016

‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t…because I’m deaf’

25th August 2016

‘Do deaf people have superpowers?’

24th August 2016

‘Working with Hearing Loss: 7 Tips For Perfecting Your Resume’

18th August 2016

‘7 Tips for using a Roger Pen’

11th August 2016

‘What you should know about concentration fatigue’

26th July 2016

‘Top 5 date spots for couples with hearing loss’

7th June 2016

‘Dear Anna: When should I replace my hearing aids?’

9th May 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘6 tips for shopping with hearing loss’

2nd May 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘4 Inclusion Tips for Deaf Awareness Week’

2nd May 2016 – Deaf Unity

‘Top 10 Apps For Deaf People’

28th April 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Why World Day for Health and Safety at Work Matters’

25th April 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘How to be a mentor with hearing loss’

15th April 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘How I’m learning to drive despite my hearing loss’

24th March 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘How my hearing loss affects my family dynamic’

7th March 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘My fight to make cinemas deaf-friendly’

3rd March 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Childhood Hearing Loss: A conversation with my parents’

2nd March 2016 – Hear 2 Work interview

‘Personal stories from the workplace: Ellie the marketing apprentice’

26th February 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

’10 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss’

19th February 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Listening to music with hearing aids (or, why I choose Adele over TSwift)’

8th February 2016 – Deaf Unity

‘Subtitled Cinema & Me’

5th February 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘My favorite YouTubers (who caption!)’

26th January 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Deaf Person’s Travel Survival Guide’

25th January 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Dating with Hearing Loss: Date Spots, Cuddling and Lipreading in the Dark’

20th January 2016 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘5 Tips for Teaching a Deaf Child To Swim’


14th December 2015 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Showing off my new hearing aids’

7th December 2015 – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Holiday Hearing Loss Gift Guide’

December 2015 – NDCS Buzz

‘Deaf Awareness at Christmas’

23rd November – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Confessions of a Teenage Deaf Lifeguard’

17th November – Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog

‘Deafie Blogger joins Openears’

August 2015 – NDCS Buzz

‘Family Struggles’