British Deaf News: ‘Has your child just been diagnosed with deafness?’

Two photos in one banner, same photo but mirrors the other. With my hearing aid on show from behind of me looking over a lake to children playing with their parents. Wearing a light blue denim shirt.


Hope you’re enjoying Deaf Awareness Week as much as I am! It’s incredible seeing lots of people getting involved!

I’m part of a few Deaf Facebook groups and I noticed quite a few of the posts were written by parents of children, who have been recently diagnosed with some form of deafness or hearing loss. Quite a few of them mentioned that they are worried about their child’s future…

‘You may have a million and one questions, thoughts and worries swirling around in your head… Perhaps your child is the first person with deafness in the family? Maybe the only deaf person you know?’

That’s what inspired me to write this blog for British Deaf News…

‘Has your child just been diagnosed with deafness?’

Don’t forget… ‘Deaf people can achieve anything, given the right support!’

Please feel free to share with anyone who may be interested in reading.

You can still get involved in Deaf Awareness Week, why not check social media using the hashtag; #DeafAwarenessWeek on Instagram and Twitter to see all the amazing content posted this week.

I’m also so excited to be posting my first proper YouTube video later on in the week! Why not subscribe to my channel and you’ll get notifications when my videos are published!

Love E x

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