Deaf Awareness Week 2018: The Highlights

Three images, the left is me after spinning, so hair is flying I'm smiling at the camera wearing a blue chequered shirt and im in a park, green fields and trees all around me. Middle image is a close up of my floral decorated hearing aids with the wind blowing my hair. between the middle and last image on the right is a white rounded text box with 'Deaf Awareness Week 2018' written in it. On the right is me walking on the edge of a fountain keeping my balance and looking down in front of me. Wearing floral top and jeans. (Fountain not switched on) with trees in the background.


This week we’ve celebrated Deaf Awareness Week, and what a week it’s been! I’ve never seen so much going on… so I thought it would be a great idea to do a blog on the highlights of the week!

Maisie’s star appearance in an ITV advert!

The Oscar Award winning actress Maisie Sly has hit our screens once again, this time in an advert for Aldi on ITV. Perfect way to kick off Deaf Awareness Week!

All on the Board – Transport for London

It was fantastic to see this board at a Tube Station in London. They’ve really thought of it all!

It was also Mental Health Awareness Week…

Deaf people are more likely to experience mental health issues. I thought it was important to bring this issue to light…

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As well as Deaf Awareness Week, it’s also Mental Health Awareness Week. Deaf people are more likely to experience mental health issues than hearing people. • Though it may not look like it, deafness can be isolating at times. Isolation is a horrible feeling and I experience it more than people may realise. It can also lead to stress, anxiety and other mental health issues. It can be caused by a mixture of things… struggling to come to terms with their invisible disability, often it’s a result of breakdown in communication in the hearing world we live in. • Deaf people can be quite good at hiding their feelings, particularly in social situations. If people are talking over each other, not repeating themselves, or if there’s too much background noise, they may smile, go on their phone or exclude themselves to go home early… but in reality, they’re hiding frustration, stress and perhaps even anger because they can’t follow conversation and maybe they wish they could be the same as someone who has the luxury of being able to hear. • This can be helped! Please include us whenever you can, repeat yourself if we ask, even if it will take longer. Ask if they’re okay, if they’re following the conversation, maybe let them know when the topic's changed… they may not say it but will always appreciate it! • Remember you’re not alone. There’s always someone you can talk to. Even if it’s a friend, a work colleague, family member, or a counsellor… there will be someone who’s willing to listen. • #DeafAwarenessWeek #mentalhealthawarenessweek #deafawarenessweek2018 #mentalhealthawareness #deaf #hearingloss #hardofhearing #deafness #deafmentalhealth #deafcommunity #raisingawareness #isolation #social #mentalhealth #itsokaynottobeokay #yourenotalone

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Celebrities supporting Deaf Awareness Week

From the likes of John Bishop, Chessie King, Russell Howard and many more… see what they have to say!

Released my first YouTube video: ‘My Hearing Loss Journey’

I thought it was a perfect time to release my first proper YouTube video! In the video, I talk about my hearing loss journey and Deaf Awareness Week. It’s subtitled! (click ‘CC’ button)

Flash Mob: ‘This is Me’

I loved this video of Wayne Barrow and his students doing a flash mob and signing ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman!

‘How Do You Wear Yours’ Campaign

Action on Hearing Loss released a campaign for DAW called #HowDoYouWearYours – It was amazing to get involved in their video!

I celebrated 3 years of Deafie Blogger!

I know… time flies! I wrote a blog on it. Read… ‘3 Years of Deafie Blogger’

Image of me sitting looking over a large rectangular pond, wearing a floral top, edited with a dark ish filter, with vignette to make it look like a reflection on life style image

I was featured in the local paper!

To raise awareness in my local community, I was featured in the local newspaper talking about my role as a Deaf Blogger, my subtitled cinema campaign and Deaf Awareness Week!

Read it here: ‘What are the best ways to communicate with a deaf person? Blogger offers top tips’

I snapped lots of photos on Instagram!

Check them out here: @deafieblogger

‘Deaf Funny’ and ‘Hearing Funny’ blogs on British Deaf News

Want a giggle? I wrote two funny blogs with GIFs. Here’s a preview!

Telling a hearing person you’re D/deaf… *SHOCK HORROR… HOW DO WE COPE?*

If you liked that… you’ll love these!

Read: ‘Deaf Funny’

‘Living with deafness isn’t all doom and gloom, we learn to live with it and some of the situations we have to see the lighter side of! I find that situations with a lack of deaf awareness are funnier to tell if you can laugh about it!’

Read: ‘Hearing Funny’

These situations have happened to me, or people I know and they are sometimes a reminder as to why we celebrate Deaf Awareness Week and raise awareness of deafness in the hearing world!’

I’m sad it’s all over, but it was amazing to see so many people getting involved in raising awareness. Bring on next year! What were your highlights of the week?

Love E x

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