4 Years of Deafie Blogger

Collage of four photos; left to right - black and white side portrait of teenage me with hair in ponytail and sunglasses on, secondly; me smiling with hair flying in the wind wearing blue chequered shirt, third; back of my hearing aids on my ears with the alps in the background, fourth and right; me smiling looking at camera blonde hair wearing red top


Time just flies! Here we are, four years later! I set this blog up on 15th May 2015 after feeling frustrated about life experiences and barriers I faced due to my deafness.

Read more about how it began here

With a suggestion from my deaf boyfriend to set up a blog, ‘Day in the life of a deafie’ was born; later changed to ‘Deafie Blogger’!

I’ve worked with some incredible organisations

This has been another whirlwind year, full of highs and lows, triumphs and struggles but I wouldn’t have been inspired to get through without the support from family, friends and my lovely followers – so thank you all. I’ve grown so much as a blogger and as a person too, I’ve become more confident and inspired to stand up for what I believe in, and to be proud of my deafness.

Top 5 highlights in the last year!

Leadership Award Winner – Signature Deaf Awards


Mamma Mia Captioned Show in London – StageText

Youth Advisory Board Guest Speaker – National Deaf Children’s Society


‘Laughing to Deaf’ Comedy Night – Action on Hearing Loss

#AddSubtitles Campaign – Speechmatics/Screen Subtitling Systems

Check out the video!

5 things I hope to achieve by May 2020!

#SubtitledCinema campaign

  • I hope we will see an increase in subtitled cinema showings and for deaf people to come back to the cinema!

Increase access to healthcare

  • I hope to work with health organisations to ensure deaf people can access their GP, hospital or other organisation without the only option being to phone up to book appointments or query things

More collaborations with deaf bloggers/vloggers

  • I’ve met some incredible people this year, namely Louise Deaf Awareness, Liam O’Dell, Jazzy Whipps and many more – I hope to collaborate with more deaf content creators within the next year!

Ensure mental health services are accessible

  • Mental Health is quite topical lately. After researching, I found out that not all services who offer support are accessible, so I hope to work with them to ensure any deaf person can access the right support they may need

Create more interesting content!

  • I hope to get involved in some photo-shoots, videos and create exciting content for you all! If you know anyone who would like to collaborate, let me know!

Most importantly, what would you guys like to see from me?

Hope you’re all enjoying the lovely sunshine, ta-ra for now!

Love E x

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