Hearing Care Centre Guest Blog: #SubtitledCinema

Hello Readers!

How are you all?

Two pieces of exciting news to share with you!

#SubtitledCinema Page!

Firstly, as you may know, I’ve been campaigning for #SubtitledCinema showings for some time now and there’s not been a central page with all the campaign information on, so… I created one! Click on the link below to find out everything you need to know!

#SubtitledCinema Campaign

Hearing Care Centre Guest Blog

That brings me onto my next ‘news’!

I’ve written a Guest Blog for The Hearing Care Centre’s website, which was another incredible opportunity – and believe it or not, it’s about the #SubtitledCinema campaign and I go into detail about the background to the campaign and why I’m fighting for the D/deaf community! Read it all here…

‘Guest post: The petition for better subtitled cinema access for people with hearing loss’

Thank you to The Hearing Care Centre for allowing me to share my story!

But wait…

… There’s more news to come! You’ll find out Saturday when the blog goes live! Keep posted!

Have a good week folks!

Love E x

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