Limping Chicken: #SubtitledCinema Campaign!

Photo of me outside UK Cinema Association's office in London. I'm standing in the doorway smiling, to my left is a sign that says 'BBFC' and i am wearing a black top with short sleeves, beaded neckline and a green, black and white chequered shirt. To the right of the banner is a black strip with text '#SubtitledCinema Campaign'

Hello lovely Readers!

Long time, no speak – apologies! September was a busy month, jetting off to Berlin for some sightseeing, then back into work, as well as preparing for the #SubtitledCinema Campaign!

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the #SubtitledCinema campaign so far… I couldn’t have done it without you!

In particular… thank you to Michelle Hedley for all your incredible statistics research, helping me with correspondence and always being there when I send her a text!

Also, Deaf Girly, who I was so excited to finally meet last week for the Cinema meeting, after 3 years of supporting each other’s blogs! Thank you to her for supporting the campaign also, and being part of our team at the meeting. And, everyone else! Too many names to mention!

Now, onto the exciting bit..!

#SubtitledCinema Campaign Update!

I had a great FaceTime call recently with Charlie Swinbourne, the Editor of Limping Chicken, you may know he also has a petition of his own? You can check it out here! It’s amazing to know we both have a similar passion for cinemas to subtitle more films.

He asked if I could write a blog for the Limping Chicken about the current status of the campaign, and about the meeting we had with the UK Cinema Association last week. You can read it here…

#SubtitledCinema Campaign aims for more subtitled screenings

Thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to working together more with our petitions!

I hope that gives you all an update, and I am looking forward to progressing further with the cinema representatives themselves soon!

My Petition reached 9000 signatures!

Oh and the other news… I was shocked to see 9000+ signatures on my #SubtitledCinema petition, which is all down to the incredible Jessica Kellgren-Fozard after her video release about the campaign!

Check out her awesome video!

So, a long way to go, but I’m still up for the challenge! Let’s get D/deaf people back to the cinema!

Love E x

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