Working at the Royal Norfolk Show 2015

Hi everyone, just a short post!

Yesterday I was working at the Royal Norfolk Show for the first time with Archant.

It was very hot, 27 degrees! As I’d only got back from Wales the day before, I didn’t realise it was as hot. My shift began at 7am and finished at 6pm, the longest 11 hours I’ve ever worked!

EDP tent

My job includes selling goody bags with the EDP paper inside, all for £1 so it’s fairly easy with good pay! I was with two other girls at one of the gates and within the first 3 hours we sold over £300 worth. The only difficulty is when I can’t understand people if they strike up a conversation with me… normally I just nod my head and smile and hope they’re not asking me a question!

A group of deaf people approached me for a bag, I noticed that they were all signing to each other how much it was. I was so keen to communicate with them! I tapped the lady and signed to her; ‘I’m deaf’ and ‘it is £1’… bearing in mind I don’t know much sign language at all, most must be guesswork oops! They were all so bubbly and happy when they saw that I was deaf! How sweet! I’d love to do a BSL course to be able to communicate properly, but they are ever so expensive… sad face!

Main Arena

My lunch break consisted of watching the main arena horse riding events. I’m not a horse person as I’ve always found them unpredictable and scary! Probably because they’re bigger than me! I was quite surprised at how the horses could jump over higher than 1m posts… with a jockey on their back! I couldn’t do it!

Chocolate covered strawberries

Sorry if this picture makes you jealous, but my favourite stand at the Show is always the ‘Chocolate Fondue Company’! Fresh, red, vibrant strawberries coated in a smooth melted milk chocolate with melted white chocolate sauce drizzle! I could eat this all day!

Unfortunately, I had to eat them quickly as my lunch break was soon over…

In the afternoon, I was told to move to the main tent to the children’s’ sticker stand. Only thought I would be on here for a couple of hours, but no, I was there from 1 until 6pm… grumble! Basically, on the back page of the paper there is a voucher which can be exchanged for a pack of stickers for free… so I was in charge of giving them out.

I needed the toilet… badly!

My colleagues were nowhere to be seen, my boss and second boss weren’t replying to my text messages, everyone else was communicating with walkie talkies, I couldn’t use the stupid thing! Panic!  As I couldn’t really leave the stall… I went and found a colleague and gave them the money and asked them to keep an eye on it while I went to the loo. Why is everything stressful?!

As it was nearing 6pm, we had to clear up all the rubbish in the EDP tent, and there was a spectacular parachute display by the RAF which ended a hard day of work on a high!

Parachute Show

Hope you enjoyed the photos,

Love E x

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