British Deaf News: Deafness and Mental Health

A white illustration of a side portrait of someone's head with a blue messy background. In the brain side of the head it says anxiety, phobia, PTSD, stress, etc


Recently, there has been news in the deaf community of a well-known man who passed way due to mental health reasons. It’s all very tragic, and thoughts go out to his family.

There’s a higher rate of mental health within deaf people. Wee need to continue raising awareness of this. We should reach out to family and friends and ask them if they’re ok, if they want to talk.

We should encourage mental health organisations to be as accessible as possible, to ensure people get the right support they need in a reachable format.

Mental health is quite a stigmatised topic, but it should be brought to the forefront, the numbers are sadly still too high, and I hope people can get the help and support that they need.

I wrote a blog on Deafness and Mental Health for British Deaf News, with some information about mental health, along with links to organisations who provide support. You can read it here:

Deafness and Mental Health

Please spread the word, and take care. There’s always someone to talk to, it’s ok not to be ok.

Love, E x

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