Phonak: #DeafTalent: Deaf activist Chella Man cast for “Titans” Season 2

Photo of Chella Man on left wearing a brown fur lined coat and to the right is a blue superhero character with his hand out in front


If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted, it’s because I’ve been super busy (as always!) and I don’t always get round to posting each blog I’ve written on here…

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And now… onto the latest news!

Did you know? Deaf activist Chella Man has been cast for Titans Season 2? It’s incredible!

Read all about his new role in my latest Phonak blog!

#DeafTalent: Deaf activist Chella Man cast for “Titans” Season 2

We’re fundraising for our Voluntears trip to Sri Lanka, where we will be volunteering in a deaf school for two weeks in July!

Banner. Left is the 'Voluntears' organisation logo which has a globe to the side of the name, underneath says 'Overseas Volunteering for the Deaf Community'. To the right is a photo of Dylan and I smiling on top of a hill.

We’d really appreciate any sponsors!

Hope you’re all well!

Love E x

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