Signature Annual Awards: Leadership Award Winner!

Me on the left, with a green lace dress, blonde hair smiling with a red trophy in my hand, with Mark Hopkinson in the middle wearing a black suit, white shirt and purple tie and Pip Tomson on the right wearing a black and white animal print dress and long brown wavy hair.

Hello to my amazing followers…

I have some incredible news to share with you all!

As you may know, I was nominated for an award for the Signature Deaf 10th Annual Awards? Well, the ceremony was held a few weeks ago and…

I have only gone and won the Leadership Award..! *aah!*

Me on the stage collecting my award from Mark, with Pip Tomson on the right, my name in big on the big screen behind 'winner'

I couldn’t believe it! It was such a surprise! (This photo captures it all!)

My surprised look after I went to collect my award talking to my boyfriend to my left, all the other faces are blurred into the background.

Before the night, I was so proud to be a finalist in a national awards ceremony! I read about the incredible achievements that the other finalists had done, some who’ve set up their own businesses… so I didn’t want to get my hopes up as I was pleased enough to be nominated!

But, I guess all my hard work, sweat and tears paid off, and it was so lovely that everything I’ve done was recognised through winning this award.

I even had to give a speech! (What do you say when you’re that shocked?! – Did I mention, the trophy is quite heavy!)

What a night! It was a great evening, a two course meal with lovely company on our table. Congratulations to all the other award winners and finalists!

I’d just like to take this last note to thank all my remarkable followers for the wonderful messages and motivation you’ve given me over the past three years, through my blogging and campaigning. Also, to my family for their support and everything they’ve done, and finally to my deaf boyfriend, who was the one who encouraged and inspired Deafie Blogger!

Thank you D for sharing this phenomenal night with me… (sharing a rare photo of us with you!)

A couple dressed up smart smiling with Signature awards backdrop, holding a prosecco glass

I will strive to continue blogging, campaigning and doing all I can to improve accessibility for the next deaf generation!

Love E x

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