Phonak: ‘Why this year’s Oscars was important for deaf culture’

A group photo of The Silent Child Team with their Oscar trophies cheering


Did you hear the FANTASTIC news? The Silent Child Film (TSC) won an OSCAR!

I couldn’t believe it! I woke up that morning scrolling through the winners and I saw TSC film on there… I thought that can’t be true, and I looked on the news. They had only gone and won an OSCAR in the Live Action Short Film category!

I remember helping TSC team from Day 1 with their crowdfunding campaign. I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Rachel, Chris, Maisie and her family at Deaffest last year. Only now I wish I had a photo with Maisie! But here’s one with lovely Rachel Shenton…

Deafie Blogger on the left wearing a leather jacket and smiling with Rachel Shenton on the right also smiling wearing a floral black and pink top.

To the stage where they were nominated…

‘‘The Silent Child’ short film nominated for an Oscar’

And now… they’re Oscar winners.

It’s just unbelievable and so amazing. The team all deserve it, after all the hard work they put into it. Maisie is such an adorable actress and she’s only six! Pure #DeafTalent!

The Oscar gives the opportunity to show the film to a wider audience, so it’s such a powerful way of raising deaf awareness!

Here’s a blog I wrote for Hearing Like Me…

‘Why this year’s Oscars was important for deaf culture’

Have you had a chance to see the film yet? It was so emotional! I could definitely relate to Libby in the film, growing up as a Silent Child in a hearing world.

You can watch it on Google Play or YouTube!

Love E x

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