Phonak: ‘Nyle DiMarco calls for better captioning in cinemas’… Please sign my petition!

A photo of deaf model Nyle Di Marco smiling, standing against an orange background for an event, wearing a black suit and shirt.


Did you hear of the story of deaf model Nyle Di Marco who couldn’t access a subtitled cinema showing of ‘Black Panther’?

I wrote all about it in a blog for Hearing Like Me…

‘Nyle DiMarco calls for better captioning in cinemas after screening of ‘Black Panther’’

This is one of the reasons why I am campaigning for more subtitled showings in cinemas because there simply aren’t enough. With more and more stories, like the one where ‘Deaf Moviegoers were turned away from a showing of Beauty and the Beast’, it’s not acceptable!

I am currently gathering evidence of subtitled screenings in my local area and then I have a plan of what I’d like to do next!

In the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you could sign my petition and share it with all your friends and family…

‘Please sign my petition: Cinemas to show more subtitled films at reasonable times!’

In the words of one of my favourite singers, Olly Murs… ‘I won’t give up without a fight..!’

If you’d like to get involved with my campaign, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me!

Love E x

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