Phonak: ‘Artist reimagines Disney princesses, superheroes with hearing aids’

A cartoon artwork with multiple side profiles of different Disney princesses, all wearing hearing aids and below are American Sign Language handshapes fingerspelling 'Dream Big'


How are you all?

I had the opportunity to interview an amazing artist… her name is Jeana Chavez. She creates masterpieces which feature an element of deafness or hearing loss in them.

Jeana has a mild hearing loss and wears hearing aids. In her spare time, she loves creating different pieces of art. She feels there isn’t enough representation for those who wear hearing aids in art. Jeana likes to reimagine princesses and superheroes with hearing aids through her paintings and graphics, in the hope of inspiring younger deaf generations.

Read this blog I wrote for Hearing Like Me which reveals her wonderful talent.

‘Artist reimagines Disney princesses, superheroes with hearing aids’

I think it’s so inspiring! How about you?

Have you checked out my Photo Gallery page to see what I’ve been up to lately?

Love E x

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