‘The Silent Child’ film has been shortlisted for an Oscar!

Hi everyone, some exciting news for you!

I wrote a blog about this film called ‘The Silent Child’ a while ago, which you can read here. It’s about ‘a profoundly deaf young girl, Libby who has been living in a world full of silence and isolation. Her hearing family don’t understand her deafness, until a social worker comes along and transforms both Libby’s life and her family’s.’

It’s fantastic to hear that they have been shortlisted to be nominated for an Oscar!

You can watch a video of Rachel and Maisie on Good Morning Britain talking about their wonderful news.

Rachel Shenton explains… ‘They select 5 out of the 10 short films that go through to the nominations for an Oscar and we find out on January 23rd.’

I can definitely relate to the film as there were many comparisons with Libby and myself at her age, with a profound hearing loss. My family had no knowledge of deafness. I was fitted with hearing aids and I had an amazing Teacher of the Deaf who came to visit, and she opened up a whole world of sound and communication to me.

If The Silent Child film is successful with the nomination, it’s would be amazing! Not just for the team, but for the whole deaf community. There would be a bigger recognition for deafness and the film would be raising awareness to a wider audience.

It’s time to get people talking about deafness and the impact and isolation it can bring, but with the right support – deaf people can achieve anything!

Good luck!

Love E x

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