Phonak: ‘Deaf is Cool! Fashion brand breaks down stigmas of hearing loss’



How are you all?

Have you seen the latest fashion trend? It’s ‘DeafisCool’ Apparel clothing! I’ve got an awesome t-shirt of my own from them, and recently we had a Summer Deaf Festival in my local city, where the company gave a discount code for everyone at the Festival. It meant that myself and some others had to give a mini fashion show!

Since all this has happened, I was keen to know more into the background of the company and what inspired their designs. I interviewed the founder of DeafisCool on Phonak’s Hearing Like Me blog, you can read it here:

‘Deaf is Cool! Fashion brand breaks down stigmas of hearing loss’

If you fancy getting one of these t-shirts, go and visit:

I’d love to hear from you, if you know of any up and coming deaf-trends or iconic deaf people! Please either comment below, or contact me!

Love E x

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