Phonak: ‘What is it like to be deaf?’



A few months ago, my Sign Language class took part in a very interesting activity, where they had to wear sound-cancelling headphones for the duration of the class.

When the teacher first announced the exercise, I burst with excitement. It meant alot to me, for them to experience what it’s like to be deaf. For once, I felt like we were all on the same page, not being able to hear each other and using sign language to communicate.

I wrote about this experience as it’s a fantastic Deaf Awareness activity, that anyone can do to show what it’s like not being able to hear. Read all about it…

‘What is it like to be deaf?’

What are your thoughts? Have you got any Deaf Awareness activities you’d like to share? If so, please comment below!

Love E x

One thought on “Phonak: ‘What is it like to be deaf?’

  1. Wonderful article and the deaf challenge link made me more empathetic. Empathic and understanding is how you would like us to feel not sorry for you or to give you preferential treatment. How does your deafness most affect you?

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