Phonak: ‘Don’t be Awkward Around People with Disabilities… H.I.D.E!’



I’ve got another Phonak blog here for you all! Have you seen Scope’s new campaign? It’s called ‘End the Awkward’. Scope have released a new video from their campaign and I absolutely love it! It relates so much to my life and I thought it was blog-worthy!

It’s hard to believe how often people are awkward around people with disabilities. If we want to eradicate this, we need to spread the word! Here’s my Phonak blog about Scope’s new video:

‘Don’t be Awkward Around People with Disabilities… H.I.D.E!’

I hope you can help me to spread the word on social media, through word of mouth and let’s get people to ‘H.I.D.E!’

Have you ever experienced anything like this? If so, please share your story in the comments below!

Love E x

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