100th blog on ‘Day in the life of a deafie’!

Hello Readers!

Wow, I’ve hit another milestone on my ‘Day in the life of a deafie’ blog… this is the 100th blog post!

Ever since I started this blog back in May 2015, I never thought it would be as successful as it is! Being a oral profoundly deaf person, growing up in a hearing world, life has always been a struggle. I began writing about my experiences as a deaf person, in the hope that I could raise awareness to hearing people about our invisible disability. Also, I have found that by writing this blog, it has opened doors for me in the D/deaf community. I hope to continue to inspire deaf people that they can achieve anything, given the right support!


I am so pleased to have many amazing, loyal followers and thank you for continuing to inspire me to keep writing!

It’s Fireworks/Bonfire Night! Are you going out? If so, please enjoy yourself, but don’t forget to read these ‘Top Tips to protect your hearing on Bonfire Night’!

In the meantime, why not follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more regular updates, as I share the latest deaf-related news!

Love E x

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