Phonak: ‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’



I hope you’re all well!

I’m not sure if you remember a while back, when I told you the story about my A Level Media Studies teacher who discriminated me? Well, my latest Phonak blog reveals all!

‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’

…is a blog about the struggles I faced when I was doing A Level Media Studies. I was very passionate about the subject as I wanted to pursue a career in Media/Design/Marketing.

Like the opening paragraph states, ‘Discrimination is quite an upsetting and outdated reality in our society. Deaf people around the world face discrimination on a daily basis, even with Equality laws in place.’ It’s sad but it’s true.

I’m hoping by sharing my story with you all, that you can pass the message on to encourage other deaf people to stand up for themselves and prove that deaf people are capable of achieving anything they set their heart on.

One final note to anybody doubting the ability of disabled people, always give us a chance to follow our peers. I have proven that in spite of the very vocal thoughts of my Media Studies teacher, I was able to not only achieve a pass, but excel with a grade A!

I’d love to hear your stories and please keep sharing this blog!

Love E x

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