Phonak: ‘How my hearing loss affects my family dynamic’

I wrote a blog the other week for Phonak’s Hearing Like Me blog and I thought I’d share it with you all.


It’s all about ‘How my hearing loss affects my family dynamic’ – or as I’d like to call it: ‘The lighter side of family life!’

From sibling squabbles to family gatherings, this blog explains it all!

I hope you enjoy reading!

P.S. Have you seen this new clip by BBC See Hear about ‘Deaf women in the White House’?

I think it’s brilliant knowing that President Obama works alongside Deaf women and seeing videos like this are a lovely reminder of how rewarding my blogging and campaigning is! Lets hope people will continue to become deaf aware and I’d like to use this video as an example that all deaf people can achieve anything they dream of!

Love E x

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