Introducing… ‘Confessions of a crazy Mother’


Hi Readers, today’s a special day. Let me introduce you to…

‘Confessions of a crazy Mother!… Monthly rants from Lins!’

These blogs will be uploaded on the first Monday of each month!

Enjoy reading! Love E x


My name’s Lins; I’m Deafie Blogger’s mum.  No, please don’t zone out!  At best I’m a supportive, caring, dedicated, hardworking mum of two wonderful teens, as well as a communicator guide for Deafblind adults and a bereavement support volunteer.  At worst; a dizzy, disorganised, chaotic middle aged housewife!  i.e. a bizarre or boring mix, whichever spin you wish to believe!??

Through my work, volunteering and personal situation, I am all too aware of how much needs to be done in removing the barriers from disability, as well as mental health issues and the importance in striving to make people’s lives easier.  It seems sometimes an insurmountable hill to climb, but know that this is definitely a reason not to give up!

I am passionate in my drive to help others and although I’m reluctant to ‘blow my own trumpet’, I know deep down that I have done everything in my power to help and support Ellie to live with and overcome her disability and to go from strength to strength.

Ellie has asked me to write a fortnightly guest blog thingy…..I previously wrote for a school magazine, which for some strange reason proved to be both popular and amusing and I do enjoy writing!  However, she has given me some ground rules, as follows; no running on about Daniel Craig (…um…….. I didn’t think writer’s block would surface quite this quickly!) also I must curb the incessant clichés (Ellie never understands them and constantly rolls her eyes skyward) oh and keep to the point! Ok Boss lady!  I’ll try!

Hopefully I can reach out to the more mature readers out there; hopefully, as according to ‘er indoors, I was “born in the olden days”!  Charming! Lol! I do have to warn you though, I can often throw in some very random humour, yes the clichés and ‘old’ phrases will appear on a frequent basis and it has been known that I go off on some seemingly unrelated and completely weird tangents!

Ok you have been warned!  BUT if you are still gluttons for punishment, my next humble, sometimes serious, perhaps thought provoking and at times almost farcical offering will broach; ‘humour in the face of adversity’.

Hold tight! The roller coaster of emotions is about to leave!  Laters my friends!

Lins x

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