Phonak: ‘My fight to make cinemas deaf-friendly’


My latest blog on Hearing Like Me is all about:

 ‘My fight to make cinemas deaf-friendly’


Subtitled cinema has been talked about a lot lately, however there are still not enough reasonable subtitled showings for deaf people. I have tried contacting mine, but they have obviously forgotten how important subtitles are for deaf people. Cinemas believe there is ‘no demand’, this is because most deaf people have given up on going to the cinema purely because they do not have many reasonable showings!

The only way we can resolve this issue, is if we all team up together and contact our local cinemas. If they can see this demand, they will most likely do something about it.

Click here for more information on the Yourlocalcinema website. Action on Hearing Loss some tips on their campaigns page too!

I’d love to hear your stories, so please do share them with me!

Love E x

2 thoughts on “Phonak: ‘My fight to make cinemas deaf-friendly’

  1. I recently wrote about this ( after using the device at my local Regal. I was really hoping they had the closed captioning system because the assistive listening device as a little underwhelming.

    (Note: I don’t have hearing loss, but since my wife became an Audiologist, I have become more and more involved in this community.)

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