Phonak: ’10 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss’

Major changes have happened over at Phonak HQ…

As you know I write for Phonak ‘Openears’ blog… it has now redirected over to ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog. I’ll still be writing for them, just on a different website! Please spread the word about the new change!

My latest blog post has gone up too! This time it’s…

’10 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss’


This blog post really made me think about what kinds of things that people tend to mistake when the term ‘deafness’ or ‘hearing loss’ is brought up.

My favourite example which I mentioned in my blog was how people think that only elderly people suffer from hearing loss… that’s certainly not true! I’m 19 and I’m profoundly deaf.

HLM Photo

Did you see Gael Hannan’s Guest Blog on ‘Day in the life of a deafie’? What are your thoughts? Comment them below!

I hope you enjoy reading them!

Love E x

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