Deaf Unity: ‘Subtitled Cinema & Me’ & other updates!

I was delighted to write another blog for Deaf Unity! This time, it’s about my experiences at the cinema.

“Seeing the latest film release or most talked about movie was something my family has always accepted as almost impossible because of the lack of subtitled screenings”

To read the full blog please click here!

I went round my best friend’s house over the weekend and she kindly took some photos for my Deafie Blogger accounts. A sample one is the photo in Deaf Unity’s blog above, so I’d just like to take a moment to thank her!

The Royal Deaf Awards in London is 3 days away and I’m so excited! My long distance boyfriend is coming down Wednesday, so it will be great to have all my family and him supporting me on the night. Of course, I’ll let you know all about it!

I’ve got another article lined up for Wednesday… something along the lines of this week being a special week! That’s all I’m saying…

I’m trying my best to keep to a schedule for the blogging now! I’m aiming for blogs every Wednesday and Saturday (plus other days if something else needs to be shared with you all!)

Love E x


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