Phonak: ‘YouTubers (who caption!)’


I wrote a blog for Phonak ‘Hearing Like Me’ Blog about… *drumroll*

‘YouTubers (who close caption!)’

Closed captioning is really important because it enables not only Deaf/Hard of Hearing people like myself, but those who don’t speak the language of the video to understand what’s being said in the clip.

YouTube have this terrible automatic captioning feature which uses voice recognition technology that’s not accurate. YouTubers like Rikki Poynter and Kat Blaque are trying to change this. They have released videos (click here to see them) and are trying to encourage other YouTubers to close caption theirs. They can only do it with your help, so please contact your favourite YouTubers and ask them to close caption their videos!

Closed captioning is easy, it doesn’t take that long! Read my blog on closed captioning to find out more.

Tyler Oakley is the biggest YouTuber that I know of, who close captions their videos… and he liked my tweet on Twitter! It made my day! *eek*

I made it in the local news last night for my Royal Deaf Award nomination next week! Thought I’d share the article with you!

Evening News 05.02.16

Thank you to all of my amazing Twitter followers, I’ve reached 700! Could my day get any better?!

Have a great weekend everybody and don’t forget to check out some of the captioned YouTubers!

Love E x


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