Last year as a teenager!

Hi everyone!

Over the weekend, I turned 19… my last year as a teenager! I must admit, the number 19 seems very weird to me. I had a lovely birthday though, my family, my boyfriend and I went to a local town for a wander, then I had my work’s Christmas Ball that evening.

Here’s a snapshot from the night!


Life as a Phonak blogger is going great! My latest blog has just been published, and you can read it here. It’s all about my awesome new Phonak Sky Q hearing aids!

With Christmas fast approaching, I was given the idea of writing an article for Phonak’s ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog: Holiday Gift Guide. I had a lot of fun with this, as it took me a while to think which gifts would actually be suited for deaf/HOH people! My personal favourites which I found were: Vibrating Alarm Clock and ‘I’ll Scream Later’ book by Marlee Matlin – I’ve even added them to my own Christmas list!

We went to see a subtitled version of Krampus movie at Odeon Cinema last week, looks like my pestering has paid off! Although, I have realised there are more showings, not all of them are at reasonable times… who wants to see the new Star Wars film subtitled at midnight?!

Funny thing was, when we got to the cinema, the cashier said “you are aware this film is captioned” – Yes… we are deaf! Then another man quoted: “It’s only because some people complain”- I was like: “Yes, well I was the one who made a fuss about more subtitled showings!” (They must’ve heard about me!)

Anyway, it was a pretty scary film, I mean- who’s idea was it to turn Christmas into a horror film?

I’ve had some other small opportunities crop up too, I’m hoping to have a blog up on the NDCS Buzz page, also a potential interview for Deaf Unity Website too! I’ll keep you posted.

Fantastic news from Channel 4, they are introducing subtitles onto their All 4 app, just in time for Christmas! Looks like the Subtitle It campaign is paying off!

We’re back off up to Wales soon, to spend my first Christmas away from home there! I’ll write again soon, if anything interesting happens!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas all!

Love E x


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