We’ve finally arrived back home from two lovely weeks in France, which I shall write about another day.

In the meantime, just a short post to  say how chuffed I am with my A Level results! Dare I say, it made my Mumma cry!

I achieved a C in German and 2 A’s in Media and Textiles!

It’s so hard to believe that 18 years of struggle for my parents and I, 14 years of education, all the headaches and stress, concentration, doubts and discrimination is all proven worthy with just one piece of paper!

I’d just like to say, don’t ever doubt deaf people when it comes to education or any challenges in life. I’m hoping what I’ve achieved can prove that deaf people can accomplish anything in life, given the right help and support! Especially to my media teacher who once told me: “You can’t do media studies because you’re deaf”… Take a look at that ‘A’ I achieved! Then again, I passed A Level German – a foreign language! Even I’ve surprised myself! I completely disagree with those who say that deaf people cannot learn foreign languages and should only focus purely on BSL- my advice… give them a chance! They could prove you wrong! Deaf people can do anything!

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to my parents, teachers of the deaf, teachers, learning support assistants and anyone else who has supported me along the way, as none of it would have been possible without their help.

So now I guess, A Levels are officially over and on Monday, I will be starting the real world of work! Something interesting to write about!

One last note… Hope you’re all keeping posted and supporting our GB Deaf swimmers at the World Deaf Championships in Texas! Especially the swimmers I used to compete against! Come on Team GB!

Love E x

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