Mealtime struggles 

We just had our last dinner together here in Italy. All through the week, I’ve been able to understand most of the conversation but this last meal was the hardest and also the worst.

I guess because our group is leaving today, more people have started arriving and due to this, the hotel restaurant is packed! It’s so loud, I only have one hearing aid in and people on my table are using the ping-pong conversation method again…. (like lots of balls going back and forth) , impossible to lip read!

My friend F has been great all week at relaying conversation back to me, however I feel as the week has gone on, she has just given up. This one meal, I asked her; “what are you talking about? Please tell me”, and her response; “oh we’re not talking about anything”… – yes you are! Why are your lips moving then!?

I hate it when people give up on translating for me because they can’t be bothered… Try being in my shoes! I have to put up with not being able to hear every day, yet translating for me during one meal isn’t that hard!

Sometimes I just get so frustrated, like now, I’m crouched in the corner away from them writing this post because I just can’t be bothered to socialise if they can’t put the effort in for me.

Sucks to be deaf sometimes…

Sorry for the sad post, but that’s reality…

Love E x

10 thoughts on “Mealtime struggles 

  1. Hello new to your blog. I can empathize. I’m not deaf, totally blind actually. So the thing I hate most about conversations in crowded areas is when I’m talking to a person and they quietly get up and leave and then I’m talking to myself! This can happen anywhere but yeah! I think it’s unfair what your friend did and that she seems tired of translating.

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    • Hello! Nice to meet you! Can’t believe people would do that… How do you work out that they’ve gone? (If you don’t mind me asking?) I suppose she could’ve been too tired but even telling me one word to describe the topic of conversation would at least give me an idea! 🙂


    • Hello, it’s nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment. My mum works with deaf blind people and we can totally sympathise with you there! I can’t imagine someone ever leaving you in a conversation, it’s a bit harsh! Never let it get to you, keep your head up high and keep smiling! E


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