Day at the Zoo, and other updates!

Sorry I haven’t posted recently, been having a relaxing time with my long distance boyfriend!

We went to Chester Zoo yesterday which was brilliant! Much better than the zoos back home!

We arrived quite late as we had to get two different buses from Wales! The bus drivers are so hard to understand up here, and as I don’t live here, the bus fares are ridiculously expensive- I mean £5.20 to travel from Wales to England for 30 minutes?!

We got discount on the tickets from the hotel that D works at, so we were able to go straight through the gates, without the hassle of the ticket office! I’ve been to Chester Zoo once before and it’s a great place with wonderful animals, I definitely recommend for a family day out, or even a date with your partner!

The Zoo was very visual, but had complicated maps, eventually we found our way round! I loved the butterfly cage where you could walk through, with vibrant, colourful butterflies fluttering all around us!

My favourite part was watching a mother elephant and her two babies play fighting in the water! Never seen anything as wonderful as this! Here’s some pictures, sorry about the terrible quality!


We had a great time! To top it off, when we went into Sainsbury’s to buy food for our meal later that night, the cashier noticed that we were deaf… And was so supportive at ensuring we could lipread him! Here’s the chicken, tomato, pasta dish we cooked for the first time ever! Yum!

Today we climbed up the local hill, which took about 2 hours. It was exhausting but the view was remarkable!

One final comment, I’ve been seeing lots more deaf people around up here than back home! There seems to be someone everywhere we go! Makes us feel proud!

Signing off now, love E x

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