Toy Like Me: Playmobil Success!

Some of you may know, ‘Toy Like Me’ are a group of parents who have children with disabilities and they are campaigning for the Toy Industry to make toys with disabilities! How brilliant is this?

Yesterday as I was scrolling through my Twitter page, I came across some fantastic news!

PLAYMOBIL have teamed up with Toy Like Me, as the first global toy brand to include ‘positive representations of disability in their playsets’!

This is a massive achievement, particularly for deaf people as it will make deaf children feel more welcome in society as hearing children will notice through the toys that we are different, but we’re human, just like everyone else!

I can’t express my excitement to see the new ranges in the local toy shops… even though I’m 18! I’m still young.. haha! There’s still a lot more that can be done as there’s now a gap in the market for toys with disabilities, hopefully in the next decade, we’ll be seeing these toys everywhere!


“Picture description – Picture shows three Playmobil play figures made over with disabilities. Princes and Genie with guide dogs and Cowgirl with a wheelchair – from the Toy Like Me Facebook Page”

For more information, like their Facebook Page:

Love E x

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