The NHS makes me feel like a drain on resources: REBLOG

I posted this on Facebook and some of the comments I got made me realise how outrageous this service that the audiologist gave.

“That audiologist was cruel and unprofessional and I would report him”

“Without deaf/hoh people, he would be out of a job”

Something should be done about this, otherwise they would just get away with it and other deaf people will suffer. Let’s put a stop to this behaviour!

National Deaf Children's Society Campaigns blog

Danielle Davies, Deaf Social Work Student Danielle Davies, Deaf Social Work Student

I am 20 years old, a University student studying for my degree in Social Work. I am severely hard of hearing and have worn two hearing aids since birth. I am not blind to the harsh cuts the NHS has faced over the past few years and I understand we have been in a financial crisis under the previous coalition government. However, I have never in the past 20 years seen these cuts affect the service that I receive from the NHS, especially in audiology, the department I receive my hearing aid support from.

Not until now. I want to tell you about my experience a couple of weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I made an appointment at my local audiology department at the hospital in my local town. This appointment was to have new moulds fitted for my ‘in the ear’ hearing…

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