Spreading deaf awareness within schools!

In my opinion, deaf awareness is crucial in the hearing society, especially in schools. According to NDCS: ‘There are 35,000 deaf children and 85% of these are taught in mainstream schools’.  This is a staggering amount, but there is still a lack of support and awareness of hearing loss. Due to this, many deaf children are underachieving in schools, and this really disappoints me. Most children can achieve anything given the right support.

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Cinema discrimination! – SUBTITLE IT!

Well today has been a rather surprising one…

It all started when my family were thinking of going to watch the new James Bond film at the cinema, however because there aren’t any subtitles, I can’t go. I asked mum to at least phone the cinemas up to see waht they’ll say, because they still haven’t replied to my emails.

Let’s just say, It didn’t work out…

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