Phonak: ‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’

Student with her hand on her head while she looks down at a notebook


How are you!

I’m sharing a lot of old blogs recently as I don’t want you all to miss out on everything I’ve written over the years! Most of these stories are still relevant, especially this one which still tugs on my heartstrings…

‘Discrimination is quite an upsetting and outdated reality in our society. Deaf people around the world face discrimination on a daily basis, even with Equality laws in place. I’ve seen and heard many stories about discrimination in my life and also during my time of being Deafie Blogger and it saddens me to see that very little is done about it.’

Here’s my story on HearingLikeMe…

‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’

I will rise above! I’m always strong enough to stand up to people and educate them about deafness to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Have you had a similar experience?

Love E x

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