Phonak: ‘7 ways to get deaf kids involved in sports’

Photo of a young girl with a baseball mitt facing sideways looking straight in that direction. She is wearing a blue and white athletic top and blue and white cap with her hair tied back

Hello, Me again!

Wondering how to include deaf children in sporting activities? I’ve got just the blog for you!

‘Whether it’s a coach’s whistle or the shout of a teammate before a pass, communication is important in sports. Those with hearing loss may need to find adjustments in their skills, but it doesn’t mean they can’t participate, or even be world-class athletes!

As a swimmer with hearing loss, I’ve faced these challenges head-on, and I’ve found ways to overcome them, to the point where I even worked as a lifeguard. 

From swimming to rugby there are limitless opportunities for children with hearing loss to play sports – both on hearing and deaf teams. If you need some inspiration, here are are some tips to help children with hearing loss get involved in sports.’

Read more on HearingLikeMe:

‘7 ways to get deaf kids involved in sports’

Have you got any other suggestions you’d like to share?

Love E x


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