Deaf Awareness Week: 6-12th May!

A montage of three images, left is me smiling looking across at something, the middle is a black and white photo of me holding hearing aids up by my heart in a heart shape and on the right is me smiling looking at the camera. The text on screen says Deaf Awareness Week 2019

Hello to my amazing readers!

Next week it’s my favourite week of the year, it’s *drumroll please*…


That’s right! From Monday 6th to Sunday 12th May, we’ll be celebrating all things deaf, hearing loss and hard-of-hearing, whilst raising valuable awareness!

There’s so many incredible things going on…


This year’s theme is Celebrating Role Models – It’s a fabulous area, there’s so many inspirational Deaf Role Models out there! I’ve written a couple of blogs which will go out during the week! If you know someone who deserves a little recognition, why not share their story on social media? We’d love to see!

Something NEW and EXCITING

Deaf Girly and I have been working on something incredibly exciting a few weeks ago, and will be launched during Deaf Awareness Week! We cannot wait for the big reveal!

#DontBeaDonut Be Deaf Aware Campaign

This campaign by Action on Hearing Loss is all about ‘encouraging people to talk about hearing loss and deafness – which aims to challenge people’s understanding and perceptions. #DontBeADonut Be Deaf Aware’

I have some hilarious mishaps of things people have said/done, which I’ll be sharing during the week!

Dress in Decibels

Wear your loudest clothing and raise awareness of deafness and hearing loss! More info

Hearing aids and all that jazz!

I’m decorating my hearing aids… and I’m going all out – *prepare yourselves*! I’ll be flaunting them all over social media! Why not show yours off and lets break down negative stigma together!

Check out this blog; ‘How to decorate your hearing technologies’

More content!

I’ve written more blogs for Phonak, British Deaf News and Limping Chicken this month, some themed around #DeafAwarenessWeek – as well as sharing photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, be sure to check them out!

How you can get involved!

  • Share communication tips on how to have a successful conversation with a deaf/HOH person
  • Raise deaf awareness – explain to someone about what deafness is, and challenges we may face
  • Contact companies to improve a certain area of their services to make them more accessible
  • Raise funds for deaf charities – whether a small or big donation, every penny helps!
  • Share your stories – the more experiences are out there through blogs, videos and social media, the more awareness people have!

Last of all, have FUN and be DEAF and PROUD!

Love E x

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