Phonak: ‘Meet Luke Christian, deaf lifestyle blogger in the UK’

Side portrait of lifestyle blogger Luke Christian who is facing right. Wearing a black leather jacket. Blonde hair styled into a quiff, wearing a small beige hearing aid. Photo against a white textured wall.


How are we all?

As you know, I love interviewing inspiring individuals who have a hearing loss about their lives, and how they overcame personal obstacles. I have another one to share with you!

This time, I interviewed, Mr Luke Christian from Yorkshire, UK to find out more about his hearing loss and also the story of how he became a lifestyle blogger.

The blog, which is on Hearing Like Me tells his story of what inspired his blog and the experiences he’s had.

Find out more about Luke here…

‘Meet Luke Christian, deaf lifestyle blogger in the UK’

If you know any inspiring deaf/hard of hearing individuals, I’d love to hear from you!

Love E x

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