Phonak: ‘Is this the future of accessibility in the theatre for deaf people?’



You know me, I’m all about the latest technology that will enhance visits to the Cinema and Theatre for people with hearing loss.

As soon as I saw the news around this revolutionary caption glasses technology, I wanted to update you all!

I never had the chance to go to the Theatre much when I was a child, only because it wasn’t accessible to me. I can’t hear enough to be able to understand speech without lipreading and at the Theatre, it was a rare chance to be able to sit close enough to the stage to be able to lipread!

Fortunately, I have been able to go to a few captioned Theatre performances, where they have a caption box to the side of the stage. These boxes are live captioned by a Palantypist who quickly types what the people on the stage are saying. However, caption box performances aren’t on as often as subtitled cinema showings are.

So, this means we need a better solution… and this is where the news come in!

Read here to find out more!

‘Is this the future of accessibility in the theatre for deaf people?’

What do you think?

Love E x


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