Phonak: ‘3 ways my mom helped me succeed with hearing loss’


Hi everyone!

A while back it was Mother’s Day here in the UK and I wanted to write a blog for Phonak Hearing Like Me, dedicated to my Mum! You can read it here…

‘3 ways my Mum helped me succeed with hearing loss’

Like I quoted in the blog: ‘I’m writing this, as the hard work and determination that Mums put in, to bring their deaf child up in the hearing world, often goes unrecognised.’

I really want to raise the importance that while I was in school, I was judged by my peers because I was able to get such good grades. What they didn’t realise is the amount of hard work, concentration, headaches, tiredness from lipreading and weekends taken up by homework was the result of achieving those grades. It’s not easy having a hearing loss and I am proud to say I worked hard for it. But, it wasn’t possible without the support I got from both my parents, my support assistants and Teachers of the Deaf.

So, thank you Mum for not giving up on me, and proving that deaf people can achieve anything they dream of, given the right support.


Love E x

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