Phonak: ’10 things no one tells you about being a deaf teen’


Hello everyone!

How are we all? I’ve got another Phonak blog to share with you, from the ‘Teen’ blog series!

Are you a teenager and recently lost some of your hearing? Or do you have a hearing loss and you’re about to enter teenage-hood?

I was inspired to write this blog because I have recently turned 20, so I am no longer a teenager and I wanted to pass on my experiences and advice to other deaf teens! You can read it here:

’10 things no one tells you about being a deaf teen’

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on my blog, please do comment them below! Alternatively, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter and discuss there!

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Click here to sign: ‘Cinemas to show more subtitled films at reasonable times’

That’s all from me,

Love E x

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