Phonak: ‘What is it like to be a deaf teen?’



I have another fantastic Phonak blog to share with you all! I loved writing this one, but please bear in mind that I was 19 at the time of writing it! I am now 20 years old and no longer a teenager… sad times!

Phonak’s Hearing Like Me blog had a Teen Campaign going on in December, which was fun to get involved in! I wrote a couple of blogs about my personal, work and social life as a deaf teenager. Here’s the first one:

‘What is it like to be a deaf teen?’

The blog explores my everyday life as a deaf teenager, from when I wake up all through to night time! Please do share the blog with deaf teenagers you know and I hope they enjoy reading it. Certain points I’ve made in the blog, I want other deaf teenagers to realise that with their hearing loss, they’re not alone and I hope they can relate to my blog!

What are your thoughts? Can you relate?

Love E x

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