Phonak: ‘Why cinemas should follow accessibility regulations’


Hello Readers,

A few weeks ago, I wanted to go and see quite a few films showing at the cinema, but none of them had subtitles at a suitable and reasonable time for me.

It was also quite annoying because my boyfriend came down from North Wales (Yes, we’re in a long distance relationship, here’s our story!), to stay with me over Christmas and New Year and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for us to have a cinema date. However… like usual, there were no subtitles!

After tweeting to the cinema quite a few times, I eventually got through to the Manager of my local cinema and I think we have come up with a deal to ensure there are a few more subtitled showings, but it will be interesting to see how long they hold their end of the deal.

A while ago, I wrote a blog about ‘My fight to make cinemas deaf-friendly’ and now I have written a follow up blog, relating to new cinema rules that have been released. You can read it below:

‘Why cinemas should follow accessibility regulations’

What are your thoughts? What are your stories about cinema accessibility? Please comment below!

Love E x

2 thoughts on “Phonak: ‘Why cinemas should follow accessibility regulations’

  1. hello E, here in Gloucester the multiplex isn’t too responsive and there are few subtitled screenings. A ‘community cinema’ which opened last year was offering sub-titles on request on Sunday evenings, but has discontinued them because of negaitve feedback from hearing audience members. The owner cites the increasing inclusion of stage directions in sub-titles (dog barks, etc) as an issue. Instead they have headphones for asssisted listening, but i don’t think that will do it for me. They will offer subtitles on personal screens when available. Meantime I am having another pop at the council-owned arts centre, which does at least show subtitled foreign language and has offered sub-titled English in the past, though scattered and infrequent screenings.
    I wish you every success, my hearing has deteriorated badly in the past five years, it has been a painful process. Hearing people have no comprehension of the isolation deafness can bring – more power to your elbow!

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    • Hi Helen, Thank you for your comment, it’s good to hear other people’s views and it definitely helps towards my petition. The excuse from the cinema about hearing people complaining, I’ve heard that many times before. I will try my best to do whatever I can! In the meantime, please do sign the petition and spread the word! Thank you! Love E


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