Phonak: ‘5 ways to make websites more accessible for deaf people’



Accessibility is often a problem for deaf people. If companies and organisations aren’t accessible with methods of communication, it becomes a challenge for people with hearing loss. The topic I’ve written about for my latest Phonak blog is:

 ‘Web accessibility for deaf people’

I’ve encountered numerous situations in my life where I’ve tried to get in touch with companies, or even by working for companies who aren’t accessible. A major example is when I tried to book my driving theory test. Hearing people can book their theory test online on the Gov UK website, but if you’re like me and need additional support due to deafness, they don’t allow deaf people to book online. On top of that, they don’t provide an email address on the website. I’m nearly 20 years old and in situations like this, I still have to rely on my parents to make phone calls for me.

I deserve to be independent and I want to be able to do things myself but simple things like not providing suitable contact options APART from a telephone number can make situations like this so much easier.

If your website is accessible to everyone, not just deaf people but those with visual impairments or those with learning difficulties, think how many more potential customers and viewers you’d get!

I hope my blog will help raise awareness about accessibility:

‘5 ways to make websites more accessible for deaf people’

Please share with any companies who you feel might benefit from it and I hope we can have an accessible future!

Love E x

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