‘The Silent Child’ – The Final Push


You may remember I wrote a blog about a new film project called ‘The Silent Child’ last month. You can read it here. This blog is updating you on their fundraising campaign, with their ‘Final Push’ video (which I’m featured in!) which you can watch below!

It’s fantastic to hear that Rachel and the team have managed to achieve over 80% of their £10,000 fundraising target. There’s only four days to go, this is the final push and they need your help to make this film happen!

This film is a crucial way of raising deaf awareness as it portrays a young deaf girl who is born into a hearing family. It relates so much to my life and I would love to see this film, please help us make it a reality!

They have just released a ‘Final Push’ video, which I am pleased to be a part of! If you could watch it and share the video, it would be really appreciated.

If you would like to find out more about the film or to contribute to their fundraising goal, you can do this on their website.

Love E x

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