Phonak: ‘What You Should Know About Concentration Fatigue’



‘Concentration fatigue’… it’s a topic that’s not really talked about within the deaf community and I’d like to raise awareness of it.

I struggled with concentration fatigue throughout Primary and Secondary education. It’s also known as tiredness due to high levels of concentrating, lipreading and listening due to hearing loss.

My latest Phonak blog explains everything you need to know about the topic:

‘What You Should Know About Concentration Fatigue’

I really hope you can share my blog to let other deaf people know that they’re not alone with their hearing loss. Things that come with deafness, like concentration fatigue and struggles in communication, it’s more common than you think!

If you’d like to discuss anything, you can comment below, or I’m happy to tweet about it.

Enjoy reading,

Love E x

4 thoughts on “Phonak: ‘What You Should Know About Concentration Fatigue’

  1. I may not be a school child but I know this problem well. As my deafness deepened I found myself arriving home from work with headaches and often falling asleep in the armchair.
    It was a long time before I realised what was happening.


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